Amanda is a BASI Certified Pilates Instructor with a Specilization in Dance. She completed her Comprehensive Teacher Training under Karen Clippenger in 2011 and has been teaching in New York since 2013. 

Amanda's classes integrate her entire movement background utilizing specific anatomical cuing as well as imagery to help students realize their body's potential in awareness, power, and control. Through personal practice, study of anatomy, and teaching she has developed a keen eye for proper body alignment and mechanics and continues to explore her on going curiosity of the body, breath, and movement.

She currently teaches private sessions and small group reformer classes at Physiologic NYC, group reformer classes at New York Pilates, and Pilates group fitness at Equinox Williamsburg

If you are interested in private sessions in your home or in a rental space please contact me directly for options and prices. 

Studio Teaching Schedule:

Tuesday- Equinox Williamsburg:  Pilates Fusion 1:30 - 2:30

Wednesday- Physio Logic NYC:  private sessions 8 am - 1pm + New York Pilates: Core Cult Jump @ 4:30 PM / Pilates Reformer: Advanced Technique (III) @ 5:30 PM / Abs Arms Ass @ 7 PM / Core Cult Jump @ 8 PM

Thursday- New York Pilates: Core Cult Jump @ 7:30 AM / Pilates Reformer : Beginner (I) @ 8:30 AM / Abs Arms Ass @ 9:30 AM

Friday- New York Pilates: Pilates Reformer : Beginner (I) @ 7 AM / Core Cult Jump @ 8 AM / Abs Arms Ass @ 9 AM

Saturday- Physio Logic, private sessions + 11:15 am Group Jump Board Reformer Level 2/3